Marie Laforet, “The Harvest” (1967)

“The Harvest” — YouTube

Come, harvest my heart
My heart, my heart,
You will reap happiness,
Happiness, happiness

And in the fields of wheat,
Beneath the summer sun,
Take me by the hand
And teach me the smell of cut hay
Teach me until the morning

If you want, I’ll give you everything,
Everything I can give
My pinafore, my golden belt
You only have to ask


Oh miller, miller, you’ve been sleeping
My love came on strong in the summer night
He slid a wedding band onto my finger
A wooden band, made from an olive tree

He said he would never love anyone but me
And that winter could come
Even if the wheat died in the frost
I’ll be able to hold on to him

When he harvests my heart,
My heart, my heart

I’ll make him happy,
happy, happy